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The Scientist Job

Perverting Nature: for Progress!

Everyone wants to help their crew, but sometimes it feels like everything you do to help just isn't meant to last. Junction boxes inevitably break again, crewmates keep coming back for more painkillers, welded walls manage to get torn right back open, and no matter how many monsters you gun down, more keep coming.

It's all so tiresome. Fortunately for you, the opportunity has arisen to really help your crew -- to make some genuine *progress*. With a little ethical flexibility, mixed with caution and a pinch of disregard for human life, you can leverage the scientist class to make your time aboard the sub like living in paradise. Sound enticing? Let's dig in.

Atomic Converters and Schematics

Every variant based on the scientist job starts with an Atomic Converter and a few Conversion Schematics. The Atomic Converter is a device capable of accepting a Conversion Schematic with a series of instructions on how to reassemble an input item into an output item. Usually, scientist variants start with schematics geared toward what their profession. For instance, botanists recieve schematics for producing gas masks and planter boxes, geneticists receive schematics for producing CRISPR-Cas9 and DNA grafts.

To fabricate a product, you need to insert a schematic, as well as the input item that the schematic specifies. To put items in, simply mouse over the converter as you would a diving mask, and insert the schematic and the corresponding input item. Once both are inserted, equip the converter to hold it in your hand and press the "Evaluate Schematic" button onscreen. Most conversions take roughly thirty or forty seconds. Once the sparking and buzzing has stopped, remove your newly processed item and enjoy responsibly.
Sometimes, passersby will be alarmed by your glowing, sparking appearance while holding an active converter. Don't hesitate to tell them what it is to avoid unnecessary escalation of a situation.

Universal Constructors

Every scientist variant starts with a Conversion Schematic for converting a Titanium-Aluminum Bar to a Universal Constructor (UC). Universal Constructors are more advanced fabricators that can be attached to the wall as you would a button or a detonator: Aim at a wall with right mouse button, and attach it with left mouse or E.

Once a UC is attached, you can press the Use key (E or left mouse) on it to open its menu. Nothing is spelled out plain and simple, but certain codes represent different items or systems you can assemble using the UC. These range from lightsabers to radiation suits. All the requirements for each recipe are listed next to it. Once as you've inserted the items, press the button of the item you want to create. After a period, the item will finish and you can interact with the UC again to retrieve it.
Spoiler: Highlight below to spoil all UC recipes.