Barotrauma: Thalassophobia

Introductory Guide

This is a guide for the Barotrauma Mod "Thalassophobia". It can be downloaded here (Steam Workshop). Thalassophobia is a mod with emphasis placed on social interaction and emergent systems that attempt to make the game inherently more interesting, rather than loud fancy guns and difficulty spikes. It is strongly inspired by Space Station 13.

This guide is not necessary in order to play the mod, which itself has been designed to be relatively easy and unpunishing to learn through trial and error. Additionally, most of the items have informative descriptions. With that said, it may be overwhelming to learn some of the systems in the midst of a round, so this guide exists for the curious.

Everything you encounter in Thalassophobia stems from the jobs, so the guide will be based around the jobs, explaining their purpose, and branching out into explanations of their associated items.

The variants of each job are very distinct in functionality; They are much more like "mini-jobs" than just variants of a larger job. Most of these variants, especially the clowns, start with items completely exclusive to them and unobtainable by any other means.

Notice: This mod and guide are not complete, and are subject to change as well as the addition of new content.


Miscellaneous Items:

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