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This is a comprehensive list (with links) of everything you'll need to play on our Minecraft Server.
Contact Hubismal for help.

Installing Forge Mod Client 1.12.2 (specifically, build

Windows Installer (Direct Link from Website)

Non-Windows Installer (Direct Link, requires Java runtime)

Required in order to join the server at all. Forge is the main program used to install mods on Minecraft. You can install mods simply by dragging a mod's .jar file into the "mods" folder in your minecraft game's folder (more on this later).

To install Forge on Windows, simply run the executable file from the Windows download link.
If you are running OSX or Linux, you will need to actually run the .jar file you download with the terminal. Contact Hubismal about this.
When prompted, install the client, not the server. After the process is complete for either system, open the minecraft launcher, go to the tab "Launch Options", and make sure Forge 1.12 is on the list. If it is, congrats, but none of the actual mods are installed yet.

Installing the actual mods

.zip File Containing The Mods

Above is a .zip file containing all the mods to be used in our server specifically. It's important you download the right versions and a bunch of other shit, so the zip file above has been pre-checked to make sure that everything is the right version and all that jazz.

To install the mods, extract the contents of the .zip file (a folder called "mods") into %appdata%/.minecraft/. This is where Forge scans for mods when it starts up. Make sure the directory order is %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/.
Everything should be ready now. Open your minecraft launcher and select the little arrow next to the "PLAY" button, and from the drop-down menu, select the option that says "forge 1.12.2 ..." and so on. Launch it by pressing the big green button, and wait for the loading and stuff to be done. If you want to make sure all the mods are correctly enabled, click on "Mods" to see a list.

List of Mods Used

Optimization (Clientside): Exploration, Adventuring: Gameplay Mechanics: Immersion: